2018 Arizona Bioscience Pioneer, Dr. Daniel D. Von Hoff


Published: 2018-10-18 03:08:37


  Dr. Daniel D. Von Hoff is the 2018 recipient of the Arizona Bioscience Pioneer Award for Lifetime Achievement.  

Dr. Von Hoff was honored for a career that includes pioneering new treatments for some of the deadliest cancers, his leadership of prestigious organizations, his mentorship of generations of physician researchers, and his work with innovative companies that share his passion for developing new treatment options for patients.  This body of work combines to create his greatest achievement, each extra hour, day, or year that a cancer patient has with the people they love and who love them.  

The impact Dr. Von Hoff has made cannot be measured.  It extends to every patient he has cared for and beyond to the patients he may never meet but who will benefit from the innovations that he has shepherded along the long journey of discovery and development so that they have better options and more hope for a longer, healthier life.  

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