NeoLight - 2018 AZBio Fast Lane Honoree


Published: 2018-10-18 03:08:37


NeoLight is moving from its initial development stage into commercialization and for its commitment to develop innovative products that can help more babies thrive. According to the World Health Organization, six out of 10 infants, and eight out of 10 pre-term infants, develop jaundice by default. If not addressed, neonatal jaundice can affect some of the baby’s brain cells. This may cause the baby to be less active. In rare cases, a baby may develop seizures (convulsions). The effects of this kind of jaundice may also lead to deafness, cerebral palsy and/or other developmental disorders.  

What started off as an Arizona State University spin-out, with $7,000 in funding from the university after winning their Edson student entrepreneurship competition in 2014, has been steadily gaining momentum.  

Categories: Innovations
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