2019 AZBio Fast Lane Award Honoree - GT Medical Technologies


Published: 2019-10-14 03:19:37


Approximately 400,000 Americans are newly diagnosed with some type of brain tumor each year. For decades, clinicians have sought better treatments for these patients that would effectively target tumor cells while preserving healthy tissue, but to no avail. There have been few new effective therapies over the past 30 years, and outcomes for patients have improved very little during this time. Recurrence of brain tumors is common, and about half of all patients treated for brain tumors have their disease recur within a year. As a result, patients often run out of treatment options when their tumors reoccur. GT MedTech is a medical technology company passionately committed to improving the lives of patients with brain tumors. This company is an excellent example of how the combination of leading edge research and development combined with an experienced management team can move a company forward faster.

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