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Published: 2013-06-24 08:08:06


By: Christina Estes ABC15

Tucson-based SynCardia Systems was among the companies showcased at the annual AZ Bio Expo.It’s a chance for bioscience and technology companies to learn more about funding opportunities and hear success stories.According to the Arizona BioIndustry Association, our state is getting more federal funding for research and seeing higher job growth in the bioscience industry compared to the national average.“Tucson and Arizona are the international headquarters for the world’s only total artificial heart,” said Don Isaacs, SynCardia vice president of communications. “They replace the exact same parts of the heart as if you had a heart transplant.”The SynCardia heart is made in Arizona using bio-compatible material also made here. Isaacs says they have 82 employees in Arizona and about 80 people currently using the heart. The device is considered a bridge for people awaiting a transplant or a life saver for those who will not get transplants due to age or medical conditions.“There’s only 2,200 hearts available per year in the United States and the level of donors has been the same for the last twenty years,” Isaacs said.SynCardia is also undergoing FDA clinical trials for the world’s first wearable power supply for their temporary artificial heart.
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