The Greener Side of Bio

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Published: 2013-05-17 19:31:59


AZBio Board Chair and Co-Founder of Algae Biosciences, Glen Galster, moderates this panel discussion on the state of Arizona's green bio industry amd whwere it's going with Leif P. Christoffersen, Director of Biomass Integration, Yulex Corporation. Leif is responsible for advancing Yulex’s energy, efficiency and biomass initiatives. Prior to Yulex, Christoffersen played a key role in establishing the E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation (EOWBF) with whom he maintains an active advisory role.  He also spent over five years at the Diversa Corporation (Verenium Corporation and BP Biofuels), where he managed bioprospecting collaborations, as well as managed Diversa’s grants program, coordinated their scientific advisory board, and supported their international business development efforts. Christoffersen has also served as a climate change adviser to the Executive Director of UNEP at COP1 and COP2 of the Climate Change Convention (UNFCCC).  At the start of his career, he worked with subsistence farmers in Costa Rica and Kenya to support and promote agroforestry practices, which included setting up exportation of organic produce. Christoffersen holds a degree from Hobart College (BA, Economics) and the University of California, San Diego (MBA, Rady School of Management).
Ben Cloud, President and CEO, Phyco Biosciences, Inc., brings over 30 years of experience as a farmer and farmland developer with operations in Arizona and Southern California. His significant experience in production agriculture including drip-micro irrigation systems and design, cropping systems, processing and marketing have contributed to the development of the Phyco production platform and business approach (To learn more, click here.) and 
Josh Hottenstein of the Cleantech Open

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