Amanda Grimes 2013 Arizona Bioscience Educator of the Year

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Published: 2013-10-13 15:58:21


Some of the most important messages AZBio received about Mrs. Grimes work came from students she has helped to inspire:

 “She has taught each and every one of us that science can be fun too. A lot of people get stuck on the math but she opens it up to where it’s interesting and reels you in like a fish on a hook.”

“As a high school graduate I can look back upon my time as a student and pick out a few teachers who have influenced my life and helped me flourish as a student. The number one teacher on that list is Mrs. Grimes. Having had Mrs. Grimes as a teacher for two years has helped me make connections, plan my future, and given me opportunities no other teachers have ever attempted. Without Mrs. Grimes I never would have joined the Biotech Academy at Mesa High School, meaning I would never have discovered my love for science and research.”
“One of Mrs. Grimes’ most admirable qualities would be her patience with her students. Mrs. Grimes’ never ending patience and abundant respect for her students makes her an extraordinary teacher and mentor, always willing to answer questions or stay late to help. She does everything she can to ensure her students have every opportunity to advance their knowledge and experience beyond that of a typical high school student.”
“Mrs. Grimes always encourages her students to excel in every aspect of their life, whether that be academics, community service, or extracurricular activities. I, and many of my peers, admire Mrs. Grimes for her dedication to her career and her students and wouldn’t be where we are if it weren't for her model of excellence.”
 “She has opened my eyes to the world of biotechnology and I am enthralled to be a part of it, I will not go quietly in this field.”

The Biotechnology Academy (Mesa Public Schools) is a four-year program that provides freshmen-senior high students with experience in biotechnology theory and techniques, and prepares them for continuing education in Biotechnology Degree programs or related fields.

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