Right to Try - Testimony in Colorado


Published: 2014-03-21 11:50:53


“Right to Try” - Testimonly on Colorado HB14-1281

This video is a reproduction of an audio recording of testimony in the Colorado General Assembly House Health, Insurance & Environment Committee on March 13, 2014. 

The recording is an unabridged excerpt from the committee hearing that lasted for over 7 hours on several Bill  topics.  The "Right to Try" discussion is the only content provided here.

For ease of finding information, the following minute marks are provided:  

Bill Sponsor Comments:  00.01.02

Opposition Comments:  00.24.19 (includes Larry Sarner - Fellow at the Institute of Science and Medicine & Maureen Maker (Patient and representing Colorado Citizens for Science and Medicine) & Dr. Bill Marsh Associate Medical Dir, Kaiser & Josh Gordon, Clinical Trials at Kaiser) All Speakers are from Colorado.

For the Bill - 00.48.15 - Includes Lorraine and Philip McCartin from Boston, Steve Walker of the Abigail Alliance from Florida, and Kurt Altman, Esq of the Goldwater Inst. from AZ.  

Neutral and expressing serious concerns - 01:26:37 includes Janet Stevens of the Colorado Hospital Assoc with concerns and need for hospitals to be exempted from the bill as they can not implement due to Federal regulation conflict & David Blake, Esq, Deputy Attorney General in Colorado explaining the constitutional conflict, the tort risk to physicians and drug companies in federal court and other issues & written comments with concerns for patients from the hospice association.  

Source: Colorado General Assembly Recordings at  http://www.leg.state.co.us

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