Flagship Biosciences - AZBio Company of the Year | 2012 Finalist

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Published: 2013-05-17 17:31:59


Flagship Biosciences provides quantitative tissue analysis services for pharmaceutical and medical device development. Flagship offers a broad range of tissue assessment options, achieved through a diverse set of approaches.Flagship Biosciences provides tissue analysis solutions to over sixty biotech, pharmaceutical, and medical device clients, with global programs in place for tissue-based companion diagnostics with three of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. Their sales grew 400% in 2011, and are on track to triple again in 2012. Flagship scientists published seven peer-reviewed articles in 2011, and filed 4 patent applications during the year. However, the largest development for Flagship was the acquisition of a histology and immunohistochemistry laboratory during the close 2011 which has added tissue procurement to complete their tissue-based analysis operations. Finally, the company’s image analysis technology won a best poster award at the Pathology Visions 2011 conference in San Diego, and a best presentation award at the Pathology Informatics 2011 meeting in Pittsburgh  The company is currently working on a medical device spinout of their existing operations and expansion into Phoenix later this year. Committed to growing not only the company but  also Arizona’s bioscience talent pool, the company currently utilizes many students from Northern Arizona University.  Flagship Biosciences was honored in 2011 with the 2011 AZBio Fast Lane Award.

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