Clinical Trials in Arizona - Project HoneyBee


Published: 2015-05-11 20:33:51


About Project Honey Bee:  Recent advances in information technology and explosive growth in sophisticated but inexpensive data capture devices—biosensors—promise to revolutionize our ability to detect, diagnose, and prevent disease. By developing the ability to continuously record physiological parameters, we will pinpoint the transition from health to disease and intervene more effectively for improved health outcomes at a reduced cost. Importantly, our validation process is disease, device, and outcome-agnostic, particularly one that can handle the large variety of devices for clinical settings. We leverage our extensive experience in the careful validation of biomarkers for clinical application with a parallel methodology aimed at the utilization of physiological metrics obtained from wearable biosensors to address key clinical problems. To accomplish this goal, we enlist the considerable multidisciplinary resources of Arizona State University, while partnering with health systems such as the Mayo Clinic and Banner Healthcare in the United States and with Chang Gung University and Hospital system in Taiwan.

We also see a pivotal role for the private sector, both for companies developing biosensor technologies and those companies seeking to improve employee health and their own fiscal health through low-cost but highly effective technologies. Lastly, technology innovation, population health and data management will be pivotal areas of focus for Project HoneyBee.

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