Advancing Innovation Thru Public Private Partnerships - Critical Path Institute


Published: 2014-06-21 09:13:51


Martha Brumfield, PhD – President & CEO
The Critical Path Institute

Public Private Partnerships were envisioned by the FDA 10 years ago in their report “Stagnation and Innovation” and C-Path is one of the few organizations that has successfully implemented parts of this vision. The uniqueness of being a “neutral, third-party” enticed competitive biopharmaceutical companies to join together in sharing expertise and actual data toward the greater benefit for advancing techniques to develop medicines faster and get them to the patients who are waiting. FDA, EMA and PMDA have collaborated in each of C-Path’s 7 global consortia in offering advice toward a formal regulatory acceptance of new tools and methods. The presentation will review successes from two of these consortia which are focused on developing biomarkers and modeling and simulation tools to expedite new treatments for Alzheimer’s disease and Polycystic Kidney disease.

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