Yulex moves into the AZBio Fast Lane

ByAZBio Members

Published: 2013-11-03 19:04:30


http://www.yulex.com/ Rubber and commerce go hand in hand and rubber products are everywhere. Yulex Corporation is the global leader in guayule-based biomaterials for a wide range of markets and diverse applications. Yulex’s Guayule BioRubber Emulsions and BioRubber Solids have medical, consumer, and industrial applications to grow an increasingly diverse market community with ultra-pure, high-performance products. From medical devices to fabric coatings, and from bedding to industrial packaging adhesives, Yulex also provides technical and product development guidance and support, and even custom material compounding and formulation.

Yulex Corporation, a technology, marketing and biomaterial product development company that applies sustainable crop science, clean bioprocessing, and materials science for the production of natural, allergy-friendly BioRubber derived from the renewable, crop Guayule was honored with the 2013 AZBio Fast Lane Award from the Arizona Bioindustry Association

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